Discover The Best Heroes To Start In DOTA 2

One of the main problems that the novices that enter to DOTA 2 are the high number of Heroes. What could be a blessing, since they are 112 and are free, is a headache for those who do not know what to choose to start.

This is a guide to recommend to beginners some Heroes, for one thing or another, have an ease to learn how to handle them and may be suitable to begin our adventure in DOTA 2. In Aluna Games we have already told you what you need to know before you start, how to learn to play, how a game works and all the tricks.

best Heroes in DOTA 2

These are the easiest Heroes to use in DOTA 2

Before continuing, any DOTA 2 player, novice or experienced, must be very clear about the roles of the game. At Aluna Games we have already left you a guide with the main roles of Hero and what they consist of. So make sure you know that aspect well before you start playing.


Wraith King: Is a very powerful and showy Carry. It is simple to use because it only has one active skill. It is very resistant and its active ability stuns (disables) the enemy from a distance. Passive does not require that we do anything, they activate in different circumstances. One of them allows us to come back to life with hit points and mana to the top, though only if we have been killed with 140 mana remaining. It also has the possibility of making critical hits and nearby allies steal life as they hurt the enemy.


Viper: Is another Carry, and this time with two active skills. The first of these is a poison attack that causes more damage than the default attack and slows down the opponent. The other is the Ultimate (achieved at level 6) and is an attack that causes a lot of poisonous damage over time, and slows down the attack and movement of the affected enemy. It also has a pair of passive; one takes life to the rivals that attack you and the other adds damage to the poisonous attacks.


Lich: Is a very interesting Support, has a series of active skills that make it very powerful. He has a first active ability that throws an ice ball that deals damage to the target, but explodes and does damage in the area as well as slowing down. Ice Armor confers protection to an ally or structure and slows down enemies. Perhaps the most interesting are Sacrifice, which consumes an allied Creep to restore mana and be able to continue in combat. Finally, the chain freeze is an ice ball that does a lot of damage and bounces between enemies.


Bristleback: This is an Offlaner, and therefore a hard type to peel. It is, in part, because of its passive Back Spinal ability, which reduces the damage of the attacks received by the back. It has a first active ability that slows the enemy and reduces the armor, besides a rain of thorns that inflicts damage in the area of effect. These two active skills have a very little recharge time, so we can launch them many times in a row. Finally, the Warpath improves the speed and damage of the abilities you cast.


Lion: Is a good Combat Initiator and a good Support, making it a very important element on the board. It has a first active ability that deals damage to the enemies and throws them to the ground, stunning them. He also has another that transforms the object into a beast, rendering it useless for a while. You can drain mana from rivals with another skill, and finally the Finger of Death deals a lot of damage on a unit.

These are some of the easiest to use Heroes in Dota 2. You can also use the filter on the screen Heroes, marking one of Complexity and three of the type of role we want to use. It will give us a rough selection of simple Heroes. However, many times the simplicity and ease in DOTA 2 is misunderstood, depending on the few active skills we have to use. The important thing is that yes, they are easy to learn at first not dizzy, but also they are good skills.