Top 5 Expensive Gaming Pcs

If you are a game lover and passionate to have to game as a hobby, then you must try the games which will be discussed below. But for this, you must have plenty of cash on hand so that it could be easy for you to spend a huge sum of money on big-ticket games. Gaming is a good pastime and many people are obsessed with games. So, this article will tell you about the top 5 expensive gaming PCs that you would like to play in your spare time.

As you all know that PC gaming is quite more expensive than console gaming but for the hobbyists who love gaming and want the most powerful plus fastest gaming setup are not concerned with the money. They love to spend over thousands for the PCs gaming and tools. Below are the top 5 most extreme examples of the expensive gaming PCs.

  1. Yoyotech’s Gaming PC for $13,000:

This is the extremely expensive and impressive gaming PC. It has come up with the resolution of 4k and you can play 3D games on it. This is about 5o% more powerful as compared to Xbox. It has also two titan graphics card and it can run Battlefield 4 on the computer at 26 frames minimum in one second in 4k resolution.

  1. PC Gaming Room For $30,000:

In the year 2012, there was a user on YouTube with the name of maxi shine who posted a video of his gaming room. The room was extremely impressive as well as expensive too. The small gaming room has a number of computers and monitors featured on the wall. There is an LG monitor having a size of 42 inch TV. This is absolutely an impressive Synology network having storage devices attached to them with total 10 hard drives in each monitor (each hard drive of 3 terabytes), means a total of 30,000gb storage space.   

  1. Cruden Hexatech – A Racing Simulator for $191,000:

This is a very extremely racing simulator game and it costs really high or maybe even more than $191,000. As there are so many supercars available in the market today, this racing simulator follows the Formula One and NASCAR.

  1. Classic Game Room Of Sonic Hedgehog For $500,000:

Barry Evans, a video game fanatic, has designed in the backyard of his house, a retro video games’ shrine. A total of $500,000 has been spent on making this shrine which has a massive collection of arcade cabinets and video game consoles.

  1. Jupiter PC for $750,000:

This is the most expensive PC gaming than all of those mentioned above. It is manufactured by Zeus and is a good bling hardware. It has a platinum casing over which diamonds are decked out.

  • Features:
  • Intel 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU
  • 2gb DDR2 memory
  • Harddrive of 1 terabyte

These are the five top expensive gaming PCS, which you can set up in your homes. If you are a billionaire then you would not have any problem of setting up an impressive gaming room.