Top 5 Hackers Of The World

Here I am going to discuss the top 5 famous hackers of the world that are widely known. Also, see what happened to these hackers for their recklessness.

  1. Jonathan James:

He started his hacking journey when he was only 15 years of age. He was a “comrade” on the internet and get his fame ticket when he hacks the number of networks in the United States. The convicted Jonathan James was sent to jail. The networks that he hacks were Miami-Dade, the U.S Department of Defense, Bell South and NASA.

So you are shocked? But it's true James got into the NASA network and he hacked numerous source code. He did so to learn about the working of International Space Station. The total hacked assets were reached up to $1.7 million. NASA, for three weeks, has shut down their network and investigated the whole matter. Their investigation cost $41,000.  

James life has a tragic ending. Many companies make James a victim for attacking malicious network. He was supposed to be investigated all time, even though he denied his involvement in such malicious attacks. As a result, James committed suicide in 2008.

  1. Kevin Mitnick:

He is the most wanted computer criminal in U.S history, said U.S Department of Justice. But why? Because he just only served to hack to the Digital Equipment Corporation's network, but also he had also hacked the corporate level secrets. The victim was sent to jail for 5 years and after completing these five years he came back and became a public speaker as well as a consultant for the computer security. And it's epic to read that he is running Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC now.

  1. Albert Gonzalez:

Albert Gonzalez is famous for hacking credit card and ATM card numbers. He remained in this profession for about two years. Gonzalez was the leader of a group called ShadowCrew. It's a hacker group and hacks credit card numbers for about 1.5 million and generate profit by selling them online. The Crew also made fake passports, birth certificates, and health insurance cards.  He also hacked the TJX Companies and Heartland Payment Systems’ Databases. Gonzalez sent to the jail for 20 years in 2010.

  1. Kevin Poulsen:

Kevin Poulsen or Dark Dante hacked telephone lines of a radio station and made himself as the winning caller for a brand new Porsche. He also hacked wiretap information of the federal systems. He was sent to jail for 51 months and has to pay for restitution a total amount of $56,000.

  1. Gary McKinnon:

He is well known for solo internet handler. He hacked 97 computers of U.S. Armed Forces and NASA. He sent to jail for 13 months. He claimed that he was just busy in searching on the free energy suppressions. But U.S. authorities claimed that numerous critical files have been deleted by McKinnon. He has caused damage for more than $700,000.

So, do you find this article interesting? We hope that you will never get into hacking and even don’t think of it. It can cause damage to you as well also.